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Struggling With Anxiety During an Unexpected Pregnancy

An unexpected pregnancy can leave you vulnerable to worry, as significant hormone changes can play on your emotions. While nervous feelings are typically not uncommon, perhaps you’ve struggled with anxiety in the past, and fears about finances, your health, or the pregnancy itself, are only making it grow stronger.  What are your next steps if you are struggling with anxiety in an unexpected pregnancy?  

Coping with anxiety during an unexpected pregnancy can be a challenge, as it can add additional stress to an already difficult situation. Avenue Women’s Center understands how the shock of your pregnancy news may have inspired worry, and we’re here to ensure you have access to the support you need. The private consultations we offer through our compassionate client advocates will give you the opportunity to discuss your options and share your feelings within a nonjudgmental environment. Receive information regarding the pregnancy, as well as your options of abortion, adoption, and parenting in one of our six DuPage County centers. Contact us today to set up a free appointment!  

Anxiety and Unexpected Pregnancy

For some individuals with anxiety, they may find themselves feeling frequently worried or nervous. This doesn’t mean anything is wrong with you, of course. But what it typically means is when confronted with a stressful situation, your sense of fear may feel more acute. On top of this, your pregnancy may have caused some of your emotions to amplify as well.

Before you make a choice about your options, it may be beneficial to take it easy and give yourself some time before you make a big decision. In a moment of panic, you may be tempted to decide on something quickly, thinking it will bring you relief from your distressed state. There’s typically no need to set a strict deadline for yourself when attempting to choose between parenting, adoption, and abortion. You have time, and help is available to process through your feelings surrounding the decision.

Coping with Anxiety – Healthy Strategies

While everyone handles stress differently, and you may have some coping methods that have worked for you in the past, it can be helpful to seek outside assistance. The life-changing event of a pregnancy, coupled with struggles you may have had with an anxiety in the past, means there are professional avenues of support available to you.

Anxiety can often be treated through counseling, so consider scheduling a session with a family therapist or a psychologist. Talking through your emotions and understanding where some of your negative feelings may be coming from can help you locate patterns of potentially unhealthy thoughts, helping you recognize them and replace them with better ones. A therapist can also refer you to a psychiatrist if they determine additional support may be needed.Since a pregnancy often comes with a lot of emotional ups and downs, training yourself in effective coping strategies may inspire a more positive outlook as you contemplate your options of parenting, adoption, and abortion.

A sense of constant anxiety can be exhausting during a pregnancy. So in addition to having a professional resource assist with strengthening your mental health and ensure you feel confident about the information you have regarding your three options, remember your emotional health matters just as much as the physical.

Eating well, safe exercise, and plenty of rest often play a crucial role in helping us manage our anxiety. In addition to remembering to take care yourself, don’t hesitate to ask for help should you feel you need it. Inner battles with anxiety is a common condition, and it’s normal to not want to face an unexpected pregnancy alone.

Anxiety Support During An Unexpected Pregnancy

Anxiety often attempts to consume our self-confidence, convincing us no one cares to hear about our troubles, persuading us to cope with them in isolation. But there is plenty of support available to lend you a helping hand during this season.

Taking care of yourself when you’re pregnant and struggling with a familiar pang of anxiety can be a challenge. Avenue Women’s Center is here for you, no matter the circumstances surrounding your unexpected pregnancy situation. With six locations in DuPage County, you can receive the information and support needed to feel confident in taking the next step in your pregnancy decision, all at no cost. Reach out today to begin talking with our expert staff about your care options!



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