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Talking to Parents about an Unexpected Pregnancy

Talking to your parents about an unexpected pregnancy can understandably feel intimidating. It may be helpful to plan for the conversation ahead of time, as this can help you determine what you’ll say and prepare for your parents’ response. If you’ve ever had to break big news to your parents before, then you’ll have an idea about how daunting it can potentially be. You know your parents best, so you probably have an idea about what their reaction will look like, and planning ahead can help reduce anxiety and facilitate a productive discussion.

Did you recently find out you are pregnant or are concerned you might be? Avenue Women’s Center is here to help. The thought of navigating an unexpected pregnancy can feel daunting, much less thinking about telling your parents the news. Let Avenue equip you with the services and information needed to help you succeed. With offices in Darien, Elmhurst, Naperville, West Chicago, and Wood Dale, contact us today for a free appointment.

Knowing When to Tell Your Parents

Try to wait for a good opportunity to talk to your parents. An unexpected pregnancy is big news, and you want your audience to not only be supportive, but to able to respond appropriately. If your parents are in a rush to leave or their focus is on another task, then perhaps that is not the best time to talk. You may want to wait for an opportunity where you have their full attention, and for a time where you’re feeling calm – not scrambling to deliver the news quickly because you sense they’re busy and you fear they’re becoming impatient with you. Knowing when to broach this topic with your parents can help with communication, as the timing of the conversation can determine the emotional levels that accompany it.

Telling Your Parents You’re Pregnant

You may want to start by asking your parents if you can discuss something important with them. Try to keep the news short and sweet, as this can reduce the nerves that may accompany a longer speech, and make it easier for your parents to process this new information. Maybe let them know you understand the pregnancy is not something either of you planned for, but you value your relationship with them and are hoping for their involvement in your pregnancy decision. Don’t be discouraged if their initial reaction is negative.

No matter the outcome of the conversation, it may be a good idea to speak with a supportive third party. A trusted counselor can help you process the discussion afterwards, providing you with information about all of your options to help with your pregnancy decision. An unexpected pregnancy can understandably feel nerve-wracking, so it may be beneficial to have as many avenues of support available to you as possible.

Avenue Women’s Center understands that the news of an unexpected pregnancy can initially be stressful, but that’s why we’re here to assist. Our caring client advocates will walk you through each of your pregnancy options in a private, nonjudgmental environment, listening to your concerns and offering advice. Schedule your free appointment today!

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