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“Very caring & supportive environment; I felt comfortable enough to share my past & what I’m going through right now; would recommend this place to others going through my situation.” – April 2022

“I loved how Ms. Hannah made me feel comfortable. I was nervous because I had never been here before and was not sure if this establishment was only for young girls. I felt reassured and my nerves went down a lot after speaking to her.” – April 2022

“Helpful in educating us about the abortion pill and what it will do to terminate my pregnancy.” – March 2022

“I liked how open and caring the environment was. I felt like I was heard and respected for my situation and decisions. Thank you for everything.” – March 2022

“Loved that as soon as I spoke about my feelings, Hanna started to write. Made me feel important/special. Staff looks at you directly at eyes and listens to what you’re saying. Nurse spoke softly & went over directions carefully as opposed to just doing her job fast & routine-like. Felt very welcoming.” – February 2022

“You guys are the best and I appreciate all the help and tools you guys have given me through all of this. Thanks so much!” – February 2022

“Attentive and caring. Understanding about being in a tough situation and really did (their) best to help show all sides of the situations for me to gain every perspective on it. Very informative as well.” – December 2021

“What I liked best was everybody was nice & sweet. They care, do a great job at what they do, I would love to come back if I need to. Thank you!” – December 2021 

“The whole experience was welcoming & safe. I was listened to and felt genuine care.” – November, 2021

“I’m really thankful my visit today was so calming and reassuring! All the information I was given is very helpful, as well as being able to have a sit-down 1-on-1 conversation about what potentially can be my next steps.” – November, 2021