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“Amy Jo was amazing! She makes you feel supported and you can tell she cares. Making an appointment was super easy and confidential! I would definitely recommend to others.” – August 2021 

“Hannah was very calm and helpful, her demeanor is great for women who might be stressed. The vibe of the building is also very soothing.” – August 2021


“I felt comfortable discussing options. I felt that I was given the best description and options for my situation. I would recommend friends/family to Avenue.” – July 2021

“I felt very calmed by the ambiance of the office and felt emotionally restored by the staff. I definitely will recommend!” – July 2021

“My medical professional provided me with options and a plan for my future to avoid situations I am not ready for.” – June 2021

“Didn’t feel judged. Was able to express myself and was listened to. I love the place and staff.  Good job on making me feel welcomed.” – June 2021

“Ease of appointment.” – May 2021

“Terri gave me proper care and information upon different options, and also very understanding. Love that she took the time to communicate about my background.” – May 2021

“Very nice people, treated not like a patient but almost felt like family, was caring and supportive.” – April 2021

“Services were free + easy to use + helpful!” – April 2021