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The Rings

I remember the day my husband, Jim, put the engagement ring on my finger. I remember the day my mom died and I took her wedding ring and put it on. I remember when my mother-in-law gave me a pinkie ring from my husband’s grandmother. But what I couldn’t remember is where those rings were right now. I wore them every day but this morning they were gone.

It was a Monday morning. Doesn’t much of life’s craziness happen on Monday morning? I was rushing to leave for work and went to grab my rings off the kitchen counter, but they weren’t there. My stomach churned and the anxiety was building. Not many things would cause me more concern than losing these three rings. Jim and I looked high and low but they could not be found.

Time was ticking and I really needed to leave for work. Jim looked out the front window and remembered it was garbage pick up day so the garbage cans and recycling were at the curb. Could you have thrown them out, he asked? Absolutely not, I said loudly. I would never do something like that. No way. Jim looked skeptical. Let’s just play it safe and I will bring in the garbage cans and recycling in case we don’t find the rings. If that is where they are we would never be able to recover them once they get picked up. You are being over reactive, I insisted. They’ll turn up later; it’ll be fine.

One hour later Jim called. I found your rings. That’s awesome, where were they, I asked? In the recycling bin. No way, it couldn’t be, I blurted! And that’s when relief washed over me. How could I have been so focused on getting to work… so confident that I wouldn’t have made that mistake… so close to having lost my beloved rings.

Mistakes and bad decisions happen all the time. Sometimes they’re unavoidable. We’re all just doing the best we can! But today I’m grateful Jim was at my side when I almost made a seriously regrettable decision. This has become an important lesson for me in the value of slowing down and welcoming input from others.

Obviously, since I am writing today for Avenue Women’s Center, I’m going to tie my experience in with situations of unexpected pregnancies and pregnancy decisions. I understand that whether or not I have my rings is not as big as a pregnancy decision you may be faced with today. However, I see connection with my decision also being significant and permanent. And, today I want you to know that you don’t have to move forward quickly and alone with your decision-making.

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One of the best things about Avenue Women’s Center is their commitment to providing space and support for each woman they serve. There are some questions that most women share – How far along am I?.. What abortion procedures are effective at this stage?.. What do women experience with the abortion pill? Each woman also has her own unique concerns – What if I don’t want to be tied to this guy?.. How would I tell my mom?.. What would happen to my new career?

At Avenue Women’s Center, every woman receives a private, confidential consultation. Sessions are never rushed. Sensitive staff members ensure that women feel safe and supported as they carefully process their situations and identify the pregnancy choices that are best for them. Regardless of what a woman chooses, her Avenue Women’s Center “first step” consultation is free.

Are you needing to make a pregnancy decision? If so, please don’t feel that you have to rush ahead alone. With offices in Elmhurst, Glen Ellyn / Lombard, Naperville, West Chicago, and Wood Dale Illinois, the caring staff of Avenue Women’s Center is here to support you. We hope you will reach out to us today.

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