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This Pregnancy Decision is Yours to Make…But Do You Sometimes Wish It Wasn’t?

Do you often feel overwhelmed by important decisions?  Unfortunately, life is full of these.  If you’ve ever chosen who to date, what college to attend, or which career is the best fit, you’ve found yourself at a significant crossroads in the past.  Like these, a pregnancy decision is yours to make.  Not your partner’s.  Not your family members’.  Yours.  Knowing this may feel empowering…or intimidating.  Maybe you sometimes wish this pregnancy outcome was in somebody else’s hands.  Perhaps you’re glad it isn’t, but you recognize that your choice carries weight.

Tough decisions play an important role in shaping and growing us.  But maybe this upcoming pregnancy decision feels different, more burdensome, than meaningful choices you’ve made before.  Avenue Women’s Center is here to help!  It’s our mission to equip you with reliable information, helpful resources, and caring support, so you feel empowered to make a pregnancy decision with confidence. 

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Accepting Responsibility for a Pregnancy Decision is Difficult, but Important

The circumstances you’re facing may feel complex and overwhelming for many reasons.  Simply accepting the reality of an unexpected pregnancy is hard work, let alone sharing the news with loved ones and creating a pregnancy plan.  So, maybe there’s a small (or considerable) part of you that’s longing to pass this responsibility on.  If someone like a partner or parent is eager to make a pregnancy decision for you, you might feel tempted to let them.  Be cautious, because the outcome will affect you more than anyone else!  It’s okay to hear and consider the opinions of others.  But owning this pregnancy decision is best for your long-term emotional wellness, and probably the health of your relationships too.

Next Steps that Offer Clarity

If you’re feeling shocked, confused, or unprepared in the wake of a positive pregnancy result, you’re in good company!  Many women facing circumstances like yours naturally respond this way.  Does that mean you’re incapable of making a pregnancy decision with confidence?  Absolutely not!  But you probably need time, information, and support to process your circumstances and explore your pregnancy options.  If you’re feeling reluctant to own this pregnancy decision, follow these tips.  Your best pregnancy decision just might come into focus.

Learn about your pregnancy.

It’s important to know where you stand with the possibility of miscarriage and other early pregnancy risks.  This information can equip you to protect your own health and safety, while evaluating your options from a more knowledgeable perspective.  All this can be accomplished with a limited medical ultrasound.  We offer these at Avenue Women’s Center for free!

Understand your options.

Every pregnancy option (abortion, adoption, and parenting) comes with its own set of challenges.  It’s important to understand the possible effects of each before moving forward.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions!  You may have more time than you realize to process and learn.  Avenue offers no-cost pregnancy consultations to help you understand all your options.  We’re here to offer clear, accurate answers- never judgment!

Embrace support.

Any time you’re faced with a significant challenge in life, it’s helpful to take stock of all the resources and supports available to you.  Most likely, your community offers free or low-cost resources to assist with health care, finances, housing, and education.  These may be beneficial regardless of your pregnancy outcome, but they may also empower you to make a decision that feels right for you.  The challenge of this unexpected pregnancy is also an opportunity to build a stronger emotional support system.  Our pregnancy consultants at Avenue can help you form and strengthen these connections, which may help in your decision-making process.

Choosing how to move forward with an unexpected pregnancy is tough.  But, chances are, this decision will feel more manageable when you approach it from an informed perspective.  No matter how scared or confused you feel, you’ve got this!  You have what it takes to make your own best pregnancy decision!

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