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Three Reasons Why I’m Thinking About Having an Abortion

Thinking through your unexpected pregnancy choices can be challenging. Since you learned you’re pregnant, you might have found yourself inside your head a lot. Perhaps you’ve tried to envision the outcome of all your options. Alone with your thoughts, you may have started counting obstacles to your pregnancy. Things that might make you anxious about continuing it. With so many questions on your mind, it can be hard to pin down the precise reason you’re considering abortion. Is there more than one? Do you have a few reasons why you’re thinking about having an abortion?

When thinking about having an abortion, it’s tempting to feel alone. Avenue Women’s Center is here to help you by providing quality care and support. We’ll work with you as you begin researching your next steps. When you schedule your free appointment with us, our expert pregnancy consultants will provide you with the accurate information you deserve. All of your questions are valid. When thinking through abortion, we’ll address your unique questions and concerns.

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Three Reasons Influencing My Thoughts of Having an Abortion


1 – I’m Afraid of What My Partner Will Think If I Don’t Have an Abortion

You may be conflicted regarding how you feel about abortion. But you might also be worried about what your partner thinks about the unexpected pregnancy. Have you told him your news yet? If you’re having trouble communicating with him, who can you talk to?

Choosing to have an abortion can be a deeply personal decision. Similar to your options of parenting and adoption, how you feel afterwards often depends on how well your decision aligned with your needs. Is having an abortion something you have been thinking about? Do you feel any pressure from your partner to have one? If you’ve told him you’re unsure or don’t want one – what was his reaction?

It can be good to have a community of support behind you during this time. Not just your partner. Both of you may have differing thoughts on what to do about the pregnancy. That’s why it can be helpful to explore other perspectives.

Have you talked with a counselor, a spiritual leader, or a pregnancy consultant? These resources can just listen as you think out loud about your situation. Hearing your own thoughts about abortion and pregnancy can offer valuable information. Your needs matter in this decision.

Your partner may have already shared with you that he wants you to have an abortion. These may be his feelings, but what are yours? Your feelings deserve to also be part of the conversation.

2 – I Don’t Want My Parents to Know I’m Pregnant

Some women consider abortion because they’re afraid of their parents knowing about the pregnancy. Even if you’re older and not living with your folks anymore, their opinion probably still means a lot. You likely know your parents best.

How will they react if you share the news with them? If you keep the pregnancy a secret and have an abortion, how will you feel afterward? Will there be any pressure to maintain that secret as time passes? Do you think there will be any hurt feelings if your parents find out later?

Your parents may be as startled as you were after learning you’re pregnant. They may need time to process this news. Once they’ve had a moment to adapt to this change, what do you need from them? Would you still consider abortion if your parents knew about the pregnancy?

It’s recommended you contact a third party. This unbiased person can talk with you alone or alongside your parents. That way, you can make sure you’re being heard and your needs are being communicated clearly.

3 – An Unexpected Pregnancy Might Impact My Future 

Concerns about your education or career might have come to mind when thinking about your choices. Or, you may feel overwhelmed about how to pay for any expenses related to your unexpected pregnancy. Would being pregnant change your life? Well, in some ways, it already has. You may have had to ask yourself questions you’ve never thought about before.

No matter the outcome, an unexpected pregnancy can be life-changing. That’s why careful reflection on all your choices is recommended. Would you still think about having an abortion if your fears about accessing resources did not exist? What are your thoughts about the pregnancy? Who can you talk to during this challenging time?

There’s often much to think about when going through your options. Trying to answer these questions all at once can be exhausting. It may be best if your start small – where can you go to have someone walk you through the decision-making process?

Are you thinking about having an abortion? Avenue Women’s Center has been providing women with services and support since 1981. Address the reasons you are considering abortion and receive the reliable information you need. You can confide any of your valid concerns in our nonjudgmental staff during your free appointment. If you need clarity on abortion or abortion alternatives, we’re here. Receive a free, limited ultrasound exam to find out information regarding your pregnancy and its likelihood of continuing. Feel equipped with the resources needed to take your next steps.

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