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Unexpectedly Pregnant and Longing for Solitude

Do you ever get tired of being constantly “connected”?  Does it seem like you have to be available all the time just to function normally?  Being plugged into a community has many benefits. So does having access to so many forms of communication and information.  But most of us need time for peace and solitude, even when circumstances are normal and life feels stable.  An especially stressful situation, like an unexpected pregnancy, may truly make you long for quiet time to yourself.  Perhaps you’re coping with circumstances like that right now.  And there are moments when you’re so overwhelmed, you wish you could get away from everything and everyone.

Our staff at Avenue Women’s Center gets that you’re exhausted.  Our services are designed to lighten your load.  We provide no-cost early pregnancy support to help you take informed next steps and receive encouragement.  Services are customized to your unique needs. Our goal is to equip you to find peace and clarity along your pregnancy journey.

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It Okay to Yearn for Peace and Quiet

We live in a world where messages are exchanged nonstop.  Interacting with people (in person and digitally) throughout our daily lives can be a lot to manage, especially for those of us who need time alone to thrive.  Then there are all the indirect ways we stay connected…notifications, news updates, social media posts, etc.  All this communication comes with particular challenges for persons facing an unexpected pregnancy.

Maybe you feel bombarded by criticism or unsolicited advice.  Perhaps you’re sick of seeing images of your peers seemingly living their best lives on social media, when it seems like your own world is falling apart.  Or, the constant stream of bad news conveyed over the media is making your personal burden of this unexpected pregnancy feel even heavier.  It makes sense that you may want to curl up under the covers or run away.  Peace of mind is a real human need.  So is private time to yourself, which can be refreshing but hard to come by.  There is a way to make space for peaceful solitude in your life, no matter your circumstances.

Finding Balance

Caring for yourself (emotionally, physically, socially, spiritually, etc.) during this season of unexpected pregnancy will involve finding balance in your relationships and daily routine.  Set boundaries to create space for quiet relaxation and self-reflection.  You’ll need time to process your best path forward regarding this pregnancy, and times to simply unwind- whether that entails catching a nap, reading a good book, or taking a soothing bath.  Remember, solitude is best paired with a healthy dose of human connection.

Avenue Women’s Center is all about helping women to better connect with partners, family members, friends, and other sources of support.  We’d love to be a part of your support base as well.  Day-to-day interfaces will probably continue to be part of your routine.  The background noise of email notifications and headlines may continue to infiltrate your daily life.  But there are positive ways to cope with those too.  Our compassionate team at Avenue is here to help you navigate all the challenges you encounter on your way to finding your best outcome.

At Avenue, we understand that connecting with a new resource takes energy and involves interacting with people when you may prefer to stay home.  But we believe joining hands with trustworthy, compassionate helpers, while carving out time for peaceful solitude, is an effective way to grow more empowered and less overwhelmed as you forward.  We strive to make our six Avenue locations (and every phone or virtual connection) a safe space for you to share, reflect, learn, and maybe even laugh. 

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