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Unexpectedly Pregnant: My Instincts and My Logic Don’t Agree

Have you ever faced a challenging situation and understood exactly how you needed to respond?  Unfortunately, the most important decisions we make in life rarely feel this simple.  Maybe you’re coping with an unexpected pregnancy, trying to figure out which pregnancy decision is best for you.  Many women in circumstances like yours feel pulled in different directions.  Perhaps your instincts are telling you to choose a path that doesn’t make sense from a logical perspective. So, which do you trust- your gut, or your mind?

An answer to this question is hard to pin down.  However, there are practical steps you can take to expand your knowledge and maybe receive some fresh insight.  At Avenue Women’s Center, we believe in empowering women to make informed pregnancy decisions through education, resources, and support.  We’re here to offer information about your pregnancy and all your options, so you feel equipped to move forward with confidence. 

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Chances Are, There’s No Need to Rush This Decision

It can be stressful when instincts don’t line up with logic!  Maybe you’re stuck between two (or more) possible pregnancy options, and you’re not quite comfortable with any of them.  You can practically hear the clock ticking, but you feel paralyzed by confusion.  This is a tough place to find yourself in!  The good news is, that you may have more time to consider your next steps than you realize.  Seek early pregnancy services and find out how much time you have to continue thinking this over.  Then, use the time that you have to your advantage.

Looking for a Breakthrough?  Fact-Finding May be the Answer

Are you looking for a way to take active steps forward while continuing to process this important decision?  If so, this may be the perfect time to gather more information about your pregnancy, options, and resources.  Avenue Women’s Center provides free and confidential early pregnancy services, including lab-quality pregnancy tests and limited medical ultrasounds.  An ultrasound can give you information on the health of your pregnancy, how far along you are, what pregnancy options are available, and how much longer these options may remain open.  Avenue also offers an opportunity to discuss your options and community resources with an expert pregnancy consultant.  In many cases, this valuable information empowers women for their next steps.  You have nothing to lose (and much to gain) by furthering your own knowledge of this pregnancy and how you might respond to it.

Instincts and Logic are Both Important.  But Can They Work Together?

As you reflect on your pregnancy options, pay attention to your instincts while considering logic.  This may look impossible when your instincts and mind are seemingly telling you two different things. But maybe there’s a way to follow your gut in a way that makes sense.  This may take a little research (again, educating yourself about this pregnancy is key!) and self-reflection.  Think about the values, beliefs, and feelings that are a part of this pregnancy choice.  Chances are, these are driving your instincts and your reasoning.  Then, use the information and insight you’ve gained (along with some creative thinking) to assess if there’s a different, more logical approach to the outcome you feel most drawn to.

If you feel as though your gut and your mind are in conflict, you probably need more time to think over your next steps.  It’s okay!  Your hesitation is a sign that you’re giving some deep thought to the pregnancy decision ahead, and that’s a good thing!  You might even feel better about your choice after you’ve made it, knowing that you considered every possible angle.  Avenue Women’s Center exists to offer the education and support you need to see your options from a fully informed point of view.  We provide a safe, welcoming environment in which to figure this out one step at a time.

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