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“What Are Some Non-Hormonal Birth Control Methods?”

While you may be looking to avoid an unexpected pregnancy, perhaps you feel uncertain about hormonal contraceptive methods. Some women refrain from using hormonal birth control, as it changes your hormone levels to prevent fertilization, and you may not be comfortable with this for various reasons. Fortunately, there are some non-hormonal birth control options available that you may want to consider.

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Types of Non-Hormonal Birth Control

Natural Family Planning (NFP): This method monitors your body’s natural functions in order to determine what days of the month you are most likely to become pregnant. It requires no drugs or devices, and it increases your fertility awareness. The first step is to become familiar with your menstrual cycle so you can chart your fertility pattern. Charting your cycles and taking your temperature each morning helps you identify changes that indicate you’re ovulating. Your cervical mucus changes during your menstrual cycle, so you may want to make a note of its color and feel on your fertility chart. Ovulation usually occurs within 1-2 days of when your mucus is clear, slippery, and stretchy. According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), fertility awareness methods can have up to a 95-99% effectiveness rate when used perfectly for the first year.

Natural Cycles: Your basal body temperature rises right after ovulation, and this birth control app uses an algorithm to learn your unique cycle. After analyzing your body temperature, the app identifies your fertility window. The app tells you if it’s a green or red day, with green meaning no risk of pregnancy, and red meaning you’re fertile and there’s a risk of pregnancy. It is also beneficial to keep track of your periods and input the data into the app. When used correctly, this app has a 93% effectiveness rate.

However, please remember that no birth control method is 100% effective, even with perfect use. There is always a risk of pregnancy, if sexual intercourse is involved, although some methods are more effective at prevention than others. In considering contraception, some women prefer non-hormonal birth control methods due to cost, overall health, or a variety of concerns. However, the main challenge many women face is keeping track of your periods of fertility in a consistent manner. If you feel like non-hormonal contraception is the right kind of birth control for you, then these methods can begin and stop at any time.

If think you may be pregnant even after using non-hormonal birth control, then the Avenue Women’s Center is here to help. Our services are available at no cost to you, and our expert client advocates will walk you through the process of a pregnancy test and provide any information you may need. Reach out today!


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