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“What Do I Say When I’m Asked About My Pregnancy?”

For most women facing an unexpected pregnancy, there can be a lot of underlying stress when it comes to choosing abortion, adoption, or parenting. Understandably, this is not an easy choice, but other people may not be aware of what you’re going through. Being pregnant can be an emotional experience. Juggling the thoughts in your own head can feel difficult enough, much less figuring out how to manage other people’s questions, especially if you are considering your pregnancy options. Navigating questions regarding morning sickness or how far long you can feel intimidating if your uncertain if you’d like to continue the pregnancy. How can you respond and take control of the conversation?

After learning about an unexpected pregnancy, it can be difficult to talk about your situation with others as you consider your options. With six different locations in the Chicagoland area, Avenue Women’s Center has served a variety of women as they begin to think seriously about their options. To assist you through the process of gathering information, our caring client advocates will walk you through the steps of making a pregnancy decision, giving you space to share your individual concerns. We’re here to listen and provide you with relevant information to assist in your decision-making process within a safe, confidential environment.

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Tips for Answering Pregnancy-Related Questions

Maybe it’s a chilly afternoon on a Saturday and you step into a café to buy a hot chocolate. As you’re paying for your drink, a woman in line stops you, observing you may be pregnant, and asks when you’re due. Recalling her own experiences with being pregnant, she may begin to share with you about her odd cravings or frequent trips to the restroom. Nodding, you may listen in silence, not knowing how best to respond.

While you understand she’s trying to make polite conversation, as someone who may still be considering your unexpected pregnancy options, you may not want to have this conversation. It’s likely you don’t want to be rude, but you also don’t feel like sharing the circumstances surrounding your pregnancy, either. To avoid a potentially socially awkward moment, and maintain your privacy, here are a few tips you may want to try.

Being Asked About Pregnancy: Brevity Often Works Best

Sometimes people aren’t shy about sharing personal stories with a complete stranger, and when it comes to pregnancy, you may encounter people who have no qualms about discussing their private lives with you. But this does not mean you have to feel the same way. A person may mean well when asking questions about your pregnancy, but you don’t have to provide them with a detailed explanation. Keep in mind you are free to give short responses, such as “no,” “I’m not sure yet,” or, “I’ll have to think on that.” Your answer does not have to be lengthy, and it’s possible their motivation for asking about the pregnancy in the first place was not necessarily because they wanted to hear your reply. There’s a chance seeing you pregnant reminded them of a story they may want to tell you.

Deciding What to Share:

If the questions posed at you appear to be prying for more of an explanation, you still have a choice about how the conversation may go. You can choose to tell them your circumstances, and how you’re still deciding between abortion, adoption, and parenting. The person asking you questions may have been in a similar situation or know someone who was. They may even have friendly words of encouragement to give you.

But it’s understandable if you don’t want to share, and you can give them as many details as you want. In fact, you may even want to be honest and say you just don’t feel like talking about it. Perhaps not picking up on the need to be sensitive, if a stranger asking questions begins to make you uncomfortable, there are a few excuses that can help you exit the conversation. Try telling them you have a doctor’s appointment or need to meet up with someone, as you don’t need to continue the discussion if it’s causing you stress.

Prioritize Your Own Feelings:

Not wanting to answer questions about your pregnancy is okay, and since it’s unlikely you’ll see this person again, pleasing them does not have to be on your list of things to do. You can check that particular task off your list, as your health and the pregnancy typically come first. If you feel yourself struggling emotionally with an unexpected pregnancy, however, please consider sitting down with a professional, such as a counselor, a psychologist, or a pregnancy consultant. These individuals offer a nonjudgmental environment to give you room to discuss your feelings and can provide unbiased support during a potentially strenuous time.

When faced with questions about your pregnancy, remember your emotional well-being matters. Avenue Women’s Center understands the challenge of talking about an unexpected pregnancy with others, and we’re here to help you feel confident in your pregnancy decision. We offer women the chance to speak honestly about their pregnancy during a free consultation appointment, connecting them to resources that reflect their individual needs. Receive relevant information and compassionate support to help you in your next steps. 

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The information provided here is general in nature.  It is not a substitute for a consultation with a medical professional. Before any medical procedure, it is imperative that you discuss your personal medical history, risks, and concerns with your doctor. If you have questions during or after a procedure, your doctor should be immediately contacted. Avenue Women’s Center is not an emergency center.  If you are experiencing severe symptoms, such as bleeding and/or pain, seek immediate medical attention.  Contact your physician, go to an emergency room, or call 911.