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When a Paternity Testing Result is Influencing Your Pregnancy Decision

An unexpected pregnancy is almost always a stressful experience, even when there’s no question of who the father is, and he’s a committed, supportive partner.  If you’re unsure about the paternity of your pregnancy, these circumstances are probably adding a lot of tension and confusion to an already overwhelming situation.  It may come as a relief that prenatal paternity testing exists in this day and age.  According to Cleveland Clinic, methods for testing the paternity of a pregnancy before birth are just as accurate as post-birth testing techniques!  But what if the result doesn’t reveal the answer you’re hoping for or expecting?  Your paternity testing outcome may begin to influence your pregnancy decision (for abortion, adoption, or parenting), whether you want it to or not.  And that’s something you and those closest to you may have complex feelings about.

Finding out who you’re pregnant by is one step you can take to find clarity.  However, learning his identity may impact your decision-making process in unpredictable ways.  Every person has to decide for herself whether prenatal paternity testing is best for her unique situation.  Our caring team at Avenue Women’s Center has your back whether you decide to pursue this or not, no matter the testing result, and however your pregnancy outcome unfolds.  We provide referrals for paternity testing if you’re interested in this service.  Avenue also offers first-step pregnancy services, like lab-quality pregnancy tests, to help you take informed next steps.

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It’s Natural to Wonder and Worry

A paternity testing result could come to influence your pregnancy choice for many reasons.  Maybe you’re hesitant to continue the pregnancy if the father turns out to be a particular person.  Perhaps you want to avoid forming ties with a specific man, you doubt his ability to parent well, or you’re concerned about his medical history.  Maybe you’re already in a committed relationship that you’re hoping to preserve.  And if the father ends up being someone else, this could make matters complicated.

Navigating circumstances like these may feel like rowing a boat through murky waters.  It’s often best to rely on principles you believe in strongly, like your values and beliefs, while trying to make sense of your situation and discover your own best outcome.  Remember that the future is uncertain, which can be scary and comforting.  If you decide to carry to term, the baby will not be his or her father.  He or she will have unique personality traits and experiences that you or someone else could influence in positive ways.

Finding Clarity Through Supportive Services

Stress and anxiety may be making your pregnancy journey confusing to navigate.  But some of your questions may come with clear answers that can light your way forward.  Consider learning the facts about this pregnancy, like how far along you are and your chances of miscarrying.  Remember that you have three pregnancy options available to you: abortion, adoption, and parenting.  Our team at Avenue Women’s Center is here to help you access the services you need to build an informed perspective and understand all your open paths.  We’re also available to help you connect with resources (like financial services, medical care, and professional counseling) that can empower you no matter which option you choose, but may also guide your way concerning this pregnancy.

You may be facing a lot of unanswered questions.  Your circumstances are likely complex if a paternity testing result is influencing your pregnancy decision, or if you can see this happening in the near future.  But it’s possible to carry on with courage, leaning on your strengths (rather than your fears) to find an outcome you can be at peace with, even if it’s a hard road.  Early pregnancy services and resources can be sources of strength-so can caring people in your life!  Consider confiding in a trustworthy family member, mentor, or counselor.  A pregnancy consultant is another person who can listen and equip you with reliable information along the way.

Avenue is here to support you on the road ahead, wherever it leads.  No judgment.  Just practical and emotional care, so you have everything you need to step into your future with confidence.  Most persons have time to gather information and process all the intricate aspects of their pregnancy story before their options begin to narrow.  We’d love to be your advocate and ally throughout this process, starting now. 

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