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Surprise Gone Wrong

My nephew at the age of 7 decided he would do something wonderful for his Mom. He loved her so much and thought his idea would be so exciting. He quietly made his way to the kitchen pantry and set to work removing all the labels from all the canned goods on the shelf. That way when Mom got home after working all day they both would have so much fun having a “surprise” for dinner every night.

Continue reading to hear more about this “surprise.” Perhaps you are in a surprise situation of your own and are looking for information regarding unplanned pregnancy. Avenue Women’s Center is here to help. Contact us today to set up a confidential appointment at one of our five DuPage County locations.

Back to my nephew’s “surprise”….He couldn’t wait to see his mom’s reaction when she saw the surprise he planned for her. My sister almost dropped her jaw when she walked into the pantry to discover every single can of canned goods within reach, had the label torn off. There stood her son with a huge smile on his face.

However, her tone of voice aptly conveyed frustration and annoyance so he quickly explained. “This will be so fun. Every night when you go to make dinner you can pick a can off the shelf and we will both be surprised what we will have for dinner. This way you don’t have to think about it or ask the usual question; ‘what should I make for dinner?’”

Being a single Mom there was no thought of wasting food, so every day was a surprise and quite a challenge to make dinner with the cans she would open. Hoping to find a can of peaches she would often end up with tomatoes or a can of cream of mushroom soup. The good news is this was an opportunity for her to be very creative and think out of the box when it came to making meals. Now that I think of it she still does like to create new recipes. Maybe this marked the beginning of her sense of adventure with food.

Sometimes life is like my sister’s pantry. Full of surprises. You anticipate life will go a certain way but it doesn’t. You expect your boyfriend will always be there for you but he has moved on. You expect people to be fair instead you get treated badly. Life can sometimes dish out something totally different than you counted on. If you think you may be pregnant, this may be one of those “unexpected” moments. It’s very important what happens next.

Avenue Women’s Center is just the place to turn. We are the next step for women facing an unplanned pregnancy. We provide medical grade pregnancy tests and private consultations with our caring client advocates. We can assist you with information and resources as you research the available options and make a pregnancy decision. Call, text, or email, or chat with us today for a free appointment.

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