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Will Being Pregnant Affect My Job Interview?

Entering the workforce can seem overwhelming as it is. Then, your stress may have doubled after learning about an unexpected pregnancy. How might this news change the way you go about searching for a job? Interviewing while pregnant may seem hard. But there are a few ways you can prepare yourself.

Are you worried about how to balance entering the job force with a pregnancy? Avenue Women’s Center understands each woman’s pregnancy situation is unique. We provide individualized services at each of our six DuPage County locations. Our caring staff can meet with you for a private discussion about your options, helping to connect you to available resources. Receive relevant services and compassionate care, all at no cost.

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Should I Tell My Prospective Employer that I’m Pregnant?

Are you concerned about navigating job interviews during a pregnancy? Perhaps you wonder if the company you’re applying for may refuse to hire you. The decision to share your condition with a potential boss is entirely your choice. But, please keep in mind that under the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, an employer cannot withhold a job offer from you because you’re pregnant.

If you opt to inform your employer about the pregnancy, it’s recommended you prepare for how you may want to disclose this information. Knowing what you might want to say ahead of time can help you speak with confidence. It can be helpful for some women to practice what they’d like to say with a friend, partner, family member, or professional resource.

Some employers may find it helpful to hear how excited you are at the opportunity to work for the company. They may appreciate the fact that you see yourself working there long-term. Before the interview, you may want to come ready with answers for how long you think you may need to take time off for maternity leave, and if you still plan to perform your duties remotely or have someone cover for you. By presenting a plan to your boss, it may indicate to them that you’ve thought a lot about the position. You can then redirect the conversation back to your qualifications.

I’m Worried About Eligible Benefits During My Pregnancy  

Most women have their maternity leave covered under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). However, you typically have to have worked for the company for at least 12 months. Also, your place of employment usually has to be of a certain size. One of your concerns might be if you’re a new employee who’s may not be covered under the FMLA, where can you receive support?

You may want to talk with the company and see what sort of benefits they offer pregnant employees. By asking questions about the benefits package, maternity leave policy, and short-term disability coverage, you may have a better idea about what to expect.

In addition, contacting a pregnancy consultant can connect you to available resources that can assist you during your pregnancy and beyond. You may still be torn between your options, and the stress of job hunting and thinking about your future decision can be overwhelming. Pregnancy consultants can sit down with you and talk over some of these concerns with you, helping you find the right option for yourself.

You may have a lot of questions during this time, and that’s completely normal. By taking the time to talk through your future plans with a compassionate resource, you can outline some of your goals and figure out the best way to move forward.

Do you have concerns about finding a job while you’re pregnant? Avenue Women’s Center can work with you, supplying you with reliable information and support. Discuss your pregnancy options in a confidential environment with our caring pregnancy consultants. By answering your questions and connecting you to available resources, we’re here to help you build confidence in your choice.

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