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“Would Parenting Mean Being Stuck with My Boyfriend’s Family Forever?”

If you’re asking yourself the question, “Would parenting mean being stuck with my boyfriend’s family forever?” you’re likely thinking over your possible pregnancy outcomes with care.  Perhaps you’re trying to process the recent discovery of an unexpected pregnancy.  And you’re imagining scenarios that may unfold if you decided to parent or pursue another pregnancy option (abortion or adoption).  Chances are, considering some of the after-effects could be unsettling.  That may be true for all three of your pregnancy options.  In the middle of stressful circumstances like these, it’s completely natural to feel anxious, but it is possible to step forward bravely and reach an outcome you feel at peace with.

At Avenue Women’s Center, we equip persons with the tools they need to cope today and make an informed pregnancy choice when they’re ready to.  We believe in the expression, “Knowledge is power.”  That’s why we offer free early pregnancy services, like pregnancy tests, limited medical ultrasounds, and options consultations.  Understanding your unique pregnancy and knowing your options may help you move forward with clarity and confidence.  Empowerment can be a stronger influencer than fear!

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Dealing with Family Dynamics

So, would parenting mean being stuck with your boyfriend’s family for the foreseeable future?  Your question- which may also be a concern- is valid.  Maybe you just don’t gel with members of your boyfriend’s family.  Dynamics like these are completely normal.  Often, it takes patience, flexibility, and focused effort to get along with a partner’s loved ones, even when everyone is compatible. Although this can be challenging to navigate sometimes, learning to cooperate with people who aren’t like-minded is often good for personal growth.

Interacting with a partner’s family is part of being in a committed relationship.  Still, it’s completely fair to wonder how having kids with your boyfriend could potentially affect your relationships with his family members long-term.  And it’s wise to think through the possible implications of your pregnancy options, as long as you don’t let fear become the main thing driving your decision.  Chances are, you’re nervous that parenting would create a lasting bond between you and your partner (along with his family).  And you’re not sure that’s what you want.  Or you know that isn’t what you want.

The Future is Uncertain.  That Doesn’t Mean You’re Powerless

It’s true that choosing to parent may lead to an ongoing connection with your partner and/or his loved ones.  But this depends on a lot of different factors, like what the future holds for your relationship, how close your partner is with his family members, and how involved they would wish to be in your life and your child’s.  Your question may be difficult to answer because the future isn’t set in stone.  However, even if you decided to carry to term and your boyfriend’s family wanted to play an active role, you wouldn’t be powerless in these circumstances.  It’s always possible (though sometimes challenging) to set boundaries with your partner’s family members, as well as your own.  You’re free to maintain levels of contact that you feel comfortable with.

Asking Comprehensive Questions to Guide Your Process

When facing an unexpected pregnancy, it’s natural to ask challenging questions about the future.  This may be a sign that you’re wisely considering your next steps.  And exploring the possibilities may help guide your decision-making process.  But asking questions with tangible answers will likely offer clarity too… questions like, How far along am I?, Is my pregnancy likely to end on its own?, What are my options?, and What resources are available to me?  Our expert staff at Avenue Women’s Center is available to help you discover the answers.  We’re also here to be a listening ear, a sounding board, and an ongoing source of emotional support as you process your situation and all the implications (and possible implications) involved.

You have autonomy over your pregnancy choice.  Taking your time to gather the facts may be key to finding your own best outcome.  Avenue has been partnering with individuals, couples, and families in this process for over forty years, and we’d love to be a part of your support network in the days and weeks ahead.

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