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You’ve Made It Through Hard Things, You Can Make It Through This

Life will always have its share of hardship. Some people seem to go through difficult situations even more than others. Maybe you feel like you’re one of those people who bad things just seem to happen to. Perhaps you’re facing a distressing circumstance in your life right now such as unexpected pregnancy. At this point it’s possible you feel like you can’t make it through this! But, is that really the case?

Avenue Women’s Center has six locations across DuPage County, equipped to serve and support you through your unexpected pregnancy. If you need some extra encouragement during this time of your life, our caring pregnancy consultants would love to sit and chat with you. We’ll equip you with the services and resources needed for your next steps.

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Facing Adversity Isn’t Easy

No matter how many times we’ve gone through something hard, it doesn’t seem to get easier. Whether it’s the same difficulty over and over again or new situations every time, we might feel like there’s a limit to how much we can handle. In the moment of hardship, it can also be difficult to see past it. When we’re facing something huge it’s often all we can see and that can feel extremely overwhelming.

Maybe this is the first time you’re facing something this difficult. Or maybe you’ve gone through hardship throughout your entire life. Wherever you find yourself, it’s okay to recognize that an unexpected pregnancy is a lot to go through.

You Can Handle This

In the midst of your unexpected pregnancy maybe you feel frozen with the thought and feeling: “I can’t do this.” You may find it helpful to take a moment to stop and breathe. Take a moment to think of how far you’ve come throughout your life. Remember how overwhelming other things in your past felt at the time. Did you make it through those situations? While they may have been painful and something you’d never want to go through again, you still made it through. The fact that you have gone through other hard things in life and made it through shows that you are strong.

How can you use this to your advantage now? As you grapple with your situation and the pregnancy choices before you, it’s important that you recognize your strength and ability to make it through.

Extra Support Can Make You Stronger

It’s also important to remember that part of being strong and enduring hard things means it’s okay to ask for help. Recognizing you don’t have to make a pregnancy decision all by yourself or carry this weight alone can be relieving! You may find it beneficial to find a trusted friend or family member to reach out to. Or perhaps you want to consult a healthcare provider or other professional. Having somebody else who supports you and cheers you on can do wonders for your ability to make it through a difficult circumstance.

Taking Practical Steps to Make it Through

To make it through any situation, it’s important to keep moving forward! Think about what you need to do next and make a plan to do that important thing. Sometimes thinking about the big picture too often can make it difficult to face even the small pieces. If you’re not sure what to do next, here are some suggestions:

Choosing one thing to focus on next is a great way to get started in tackling a situation that is overwhelming. And, remember, you don’t have to go through this by yourself.

Let us be part of your next steps! At Avenue Women’s Center, we’d love to support you and offer our free, limited medical services. We want you to know that you are not alone and you can make it through this!

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