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“Considering Abortion to Avoid my Parents’ Criticism”

Are you considering abortion to avoid getting criticized by your parents?  Maybe you’re thinking about ending your pregnancy because you don’t want your parents to know about it in the first place.  If they’re already aware, you may believe they would judge you for continuing this path, or would become more critical of you in general once you underwent the major life change of becoming a parent.

If this resonates with you, anxiety surrounding your parents’ reaction to your pregnancy has probably been a motivating factor behind your decision-making process so far.  These dynamics can make a difficult situation like yours even harder to navigate.  Know that you’re not in this alone!  And it’s possible to make a confident pregnancy choice from your gut, while honoring your most important relationships.

If you’re considering abortion to avoid your parents’ criticism, you may be afraid to engage in transparent conversations with family members about your unexpected pregnancy and your hopes for the future.  This feeling may extend to other people in your life as well.  Avenue Women’s Center is here for you, whether you already have a strong support network or feel completely alone.  We’re a safe space to receive no-cost early pregnancy services and emotional support, without any fear of judgment.

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You’re Concerned About Your Relationships.  That’s Understandable!

Parents have a natural tendency to interpret their kids’ choices with a critical eye.  Maybe your own parents have a history of giving unhelpful advice or disparaging you.  Perhaps they’ve offered you feedback in the past that has fallen flat, or had a discouraging impact.  The motive of a parent is usually to help his or her child.  But we humans often misunderstand how to translate our good intentions into words and actions with sensitivity and effectiveness.

Dynamics like the ones you’re navigating with your parents don’t always change as people and relationships mature.  You may be concerned about your parents’ response to your unexpected pregnancy- regardless of your age.  After all, none of us outgrow the desire to please our parents and make them proud.  There’s nothing wrong with this.  However, we make ourselves vulnerable to regret when our longing to please others (or to avoid their disapproval) begins to drive our important life decision-making.

Healthy Motives for a Grounded Pregnancy Choice

When it comes to choosing between abortion, adoption, and parenting, motives matter.  Take the steps that you need to take to identify which option is best for you, and pursue that outcome for the right reasons.  Your desire to avoid your parents’ criticism is understandable.  But this isn’t necessarily a solid foundation to build your pregnancy decision upon.  As you contemplate your future, consider your values, beliefs, instincts, desires, and feelings (beyond your fear).  Allow these important factors to inform any significant life choice that you make.  And remember- it’s completely possible to challenge your parents’ beliefs in a loving and respectful way.

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Helpful Communication Tools When Sharing Pregnancy News

Your unexpected pregnancy circumstances may feel isolating.  You’re likely feeling determined to preserve the relationships you hold dear during this hard season of life.  And facing criticism (or even the possibility of it) can be extremely difficult… especially coming from people whose opinions you value.  Avenue Women’s Center exists to help you cope.  We strongly believe in equipping women with the tools they need to make informed and confident pregnancy decisions, no matter what relationship challenges they’re facing.

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