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Managing Anger During an Unexpected Pregnancy – Part 1

Are you struggling to cope with an unexpected pregnancy?  If so, you may be processing a complicated mix of feelings, like anxiety, sadness, anticipation, and/or confusion.  Maybe anger is one emotion that seems to be dominating your focus right now.  Know that it’s okay to feel angry.  You’re facing some really challenging circumstances, and anger is a natural response.  But learning to manage anger well during this unexpected pregnancy is the healthiest thing for you and your relationships.

Perhaps you’ve struggled to cope with anger all your life.  On the other hand, maybe this pregnancy has seemingly triggered new anger management challenges.  A first-step pregnancy center can help you access important tools to navigate this pregnancy, so you feel equipped to move forward with accurate information and a clear head.  Our expert staff at Avenue Women’s Center is also available to process this stressful situation by your side.

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De-Stigmatizing Anger

It’s important to remember that anger is a normal human emotion.  Sometimes, it can even be put to good use!  How many injustices have been torn down, and tragedies prevented, because people felt angry about a wrong and did something about it?  The danger comes when we put anger in the driver’s seat, allowing it to control our actions and interactions unchecked.  Many people believe that anger is unhealthy.  But that isn’t necessarily true.  Anger can be harnessed for good or bad.  Every person has a responsibility to manage and express it in healthy ways, using their anger (and other feelings) to build up rather than tear down.

Anger Management Techniques, Part 1

Need some practical guidance on how to cope well with anger in the moment?  Check out these tips and tricks from Mayo Clinic!

Think First. Speak Later.

You’re more likely to say something you’ll regret when emotions are running high.  You and the person you’re in conflict with are also more likely to misunderstand one another.  Let them know you need some time alone to process your feelings, and give them space to do the same.

Express yourself once you feel more relaxed.

It’s healthy to clear the air once you’ve reached a calmer mental space, and gained insight into your own thoughts and feelings.  Communicate your concerns in an assertive but respectful way.  Invite the person you’re in conflict with to do the same.

Engage in physical activity.

Exercise is a safe outlet for anger.  Physical activity can also decrease stress.

Give yourself a break.

If you’re having a stressful day, carve out time for quiet moments to yourself.

Consider possible solutions.

There are some things that you just can’t control.  But maybe some changes could be made to reduce stress and conflict.  Anger alone won’t solve your problems.

In Managing Anger During an Unexpected Pregnancy Part 2, we’ll continue to explore anger management techniques to help you cope well with this pregnancy and maintain strong relationships.  We’ll also address how to process anger in a healthy way.  Avenue Women’s Center offers a safe space for you to express your unique challenges and emotions during this stressful season of life.  This is a no-judgment zone!

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